I released and let go a job and occupation that was no longer serving me and I was no longer serving.   What you don’t hear in that sentence is the 25 year relationship I had with my occupation.    What was my occupation?  Funny I should ask myself this;  25 years and I never once truely owned my livelihood.   I was a human service case manager.  I had stints in mental health, SAMI and Child Welfare.  I never took the relationship further- wouldn’t or couldn’t commit to getting an M.S.W.  I wouldn’t step up to supervision.    I was unfaithful.  Every few years I would have an affair.   Guilt plagued me.  I knew in my heart I was beating a dead horse.   It was when I realized the only battle going on was in my head and heart I was able to say this is enough:  I am leaving you.   I wish the best for you,  Yoiu are perfect just the way you are.  Namaste  Rebecca Meigs.